Ayasa D Sabye (D Major) looking for a new owner

Handpan for sale
Ayasa D Sabye (D Major)


Perfect condition, tuned.
First owner, directly bought from Ayasa shop.
Always taken good care of this smooth pan.
Feel free to come by and check it out. Ask any question
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Possible: pick up / shipping

Hello - I am interested in your Handpan if it’s still available. I live in the US

Hi Hannah,
The Handpan is still available. I could ship it to the US if you are interested.

Hi there - has this been sold?

Hi Ramiz, not sold yet…

Hey there,
Love it ! Very much interested ! Is it still available ?
I’m staying in France. Could we arrange a call ?
Don’t know how the platform works.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Chanelle,
The Ayasa is still available!
We could call each other through Skype if that works for you.
Where are you staying in France. My wife is planning to go to Paris in the coming few days, so she could bring it over, so that would be less cost for sending it to you, and probably safer :slight_smile:
Let me know what works for you

Oh wow ! Awesome !!! Love those synchronicities !
My skype should be chanelle.l@hotmail.fr.
I’m free today before 2pm or after 4pm ! ^^

Hey Chanelle,

I am away right now, probably i will try to call you later today after 4 pm
My skype name is bassicarts


Hey Ruben, I have added you on skype, did you see my messages ?
I’m available now.
Cheers !