B Celtic Minor, Spirit Handpan +3 extra notes

Beautiful B Celtic Minor spirit handpan with three extra notes on the bottom. B/F#, A, B, C#, D, E, F# +(A, B, G on bottom). Gently used, well cared for. I am in North Carolina. Prefer to ship within US. $2000 (US dollars) + shipping. Large used evatek available for an additional $275 (recommended if shipping). I paid $2350 for the pan, selling for $2000 or reasonable offer.
Love this pan, hope it goes to a great home. :heart::pray:t3:

Sound videos from cell phone (several on IG):

Feel free to ask questions. This is a fantastic maker, and a beautiful instrument.

Hey there! How ya doing? I was interested in your handpan. I actually don’t play yet but have been wanting to get into it for awhile. Seems as if social distancing is opening up a space to do so. Is yours still available and if so would you say it is a good one to learn on? I’m actually from the Bay Area too and living back here now. Where abouts are you from? Thanks so much for the info. Hope you are staying safe and sane in this crazy time!

Packing up this beauty and wanted to post publicly, for the sake of transparency and honesty within the community. Awaiting Nicole’s (NYColeStap) payment and this is ready to ship! This instrument (in a used large evatek case) is sale pending.


Paid for, shipped, and received! Thank you for the great transaction! I hope you enjoy this beautiful handpan journey, Nicole! :pray:t3::heart:


Hello all! I ended up buying this B Celtic Minor handpan from Jamie. I just want to say what an easy, satisfying and warm transaction this was for me. This is my first handpan, as I plan on beginning to learn, and I could not have asked for a better experience with finding one. Jamie was super lovely to deal with. She was extremely communicative, answered all my questions in detail, put no pressure on me and was totally honest and upfront. We had a very nice reciprocal energy between us which made purchasing this feel totally right and without concern. The handpan was shipped long distance and it arrived unharmed, packaged with great care and in pristine condition. I know there are some resales of instruments that do not live up to the quality they were promised. So I just wanted to let the community know that for me, purchasing one over the Handpan Village platform was a success. Hopefully this continues to spread within this community and others find the same friendly and trustworthy situation as I did. Thanks Jamie!


Amazing!!! Spirit handpans are beautiful.

How’s the learning process going?!