Beginner handpan

Hi there,
I am looking for a beginner instrument, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the Hluru handpans? This one specifically… HLURU® Hand Pan Drum 22 Inches 10 Tones Handmade Performance Sound Hea
Any advice is appreciated!

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Don’t do it, it looks very “china cheap”, put more monney aside and investe in an instrument from a recommended maker! where do you live?

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I live in the South Island of New Zealand- don’t think there are any local makers near me, but I will do a bit more research- maybe in Auckland…

Hi, I found it. China - you can check on Aliexpress. The same you can have from this site in lower price. But I’m sure you will be sad from this sound. Don’t do it.
I have a amazing pan from BalkanPan - they made all by yourself. I have a mutant Romanijan Hijaz scale. You can ask about postage to your country. They have a very good prices and very nice sound of instrument. Better than videos, which made with mobil phone :)))

Good luck with your handpan!

Thank you very much for your response and suggestion- I have made an enquiry- the Romanian Hijaz is an interesting scale- very nice- it is hard to choose a scale because there are so many possibilities!

I had the good fortune to test the Hluru in a local shop. I’ve heard professional handpans live before so I’m familiar with how it should sound.

Sure it’s not a big brand name, but it’s not as bad as some may think. I’ve gotten the gold stainless steel version as my first handpan. All notes are in tune and it’s affordable for a beginner. It’s been a joy playing it for the online course from David Charrier.

Hi rbat
What are news since october ?
I want to order a good handpan at a good price but don’t know yet where to order.
I have friends who have ordered from various handpan manufacturers but I’m still thinking about it.
Anyway I’m looking forward to follow David’s course with my own handpan.

Have a nice day