Beware of buying from OHM Handpans in USA

I am older also and worked my butt off all of my life. Always helping others and finally bought a handpan for myself after saving up and working overtime for over 3 months. After some research about cheap handpans online, I cancelled the handpan I originally ordered from China and found someone close to me in the US and purchased it to support a local maker. Meanwhile China accidentally shipped the a handpan I had cancelled, so I contacted the owner to make arrangements to send it back.

I excitedly picked up my second ordered handpan from the maker in the US ready to learn. He played the scale and it sounded wonderful. I tried and it was bad. He said I just need to practice. I struggled with it for hours not knowing how to strike the handpan. I kept practicing so could strike it better, but the two top notes A and C I couldn’t successfully strike.

Frustrated, I opened the handpan from China I am supposed to return - just to see what it looked like and then I could compare how they sounded. It was like night and day! The one from China was so much better for me, despite what everyone was saying on the internet. So I contacted the US maker the next day after I bought it to ask for a refund (Mistake #1 - I paid him cash). Unfortunately he refused to refund even though his website said he would refund within 3 days. He already spent the money (Mistake #2 - no receipt). So now I am stuck with his handpan and I am more than likely going to tell the maker from China that I will buy his after all and try to sell the other one. The one made in the US is in tune - just the way he made it is impossible for me to hit the A and C note without it sounding dead and flat. Maybe someone else will have better luck with it than I did.
Anyway - sorry for the long rant - just want to let people know to be aware of what you are purchasing and always check about a refund. Also - try before you buy whenever possible.


Thanks for sharing your experience Belinda


As it turns out, I am finding others who have purchased from this maker and are experiencing the same issue - the higher notes are flat.
I thought it was me because I am new to handpan… looks like its a defect the way the handpan is made.

Just wanted to keep everyone updated.

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Hi Belinda,
Thank you for sharing your experience. Would you please share the name of this Chinese manufacturer? Is the Chinese model tuned in D minor?
Thank you!

I would add a :heart: to this thread but the imoji is a happy thing. I’m so sorry to hear this experience. I wish you all the best with the hand pan you love and wish that there was some way for you to recoup your investment in an inferior product delivered on false promises. Your experience has been noted and this forum is a great place to weed out the rare bad apples. Love and blessings from the VILLAGE.


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This was handmade in America - I was trying to support local makers.

Am curious to know if the brand was Hluru from China?
My first handpan, a stainless steel D Kurd, is from them and it’s really good (from beginner perspective). Recently I obtained a secondhand Rav Vast 2 and could compare the quality between the two (yes, I know Rav Vast is a tongue pan). The Hluru is actually quite good. There are no “dead” notes and it’s in tune.

Sorry - I do not know the manufacturer. I went thru a middleman on the internet.