C#Annaziska Form MAG Instruments

Hi there.
For sale a Handpan.
C # Annaziska 9 + Ding.
The manufacturer is MAG Instrument.
The instrument is made of stainless steel. It is in perfect condition. It can be about 2-3 months. Unfortunately, I have to sell because I have financial problems. I’d love to send a package anywhere. But it has to be paid by the buyer. The red Hardcase Technology bag is extra.

where are you located ?

Hy… Germany… Quedlinburg

ah ok - I’m in UK
How much is it anyway - if still available ?

Hello. it’s still here. I ask for 1800 euros for it and you have to pay for the postal services. The hard bag is included in the price.

Price dropped.!!!

did you sell this handpan yet?