Connecting microphone to pc

Hello everyone
I’m totally new to recording with microphone. Have been using the Zoom H1N1, but recent got the Oktava 012, and by researching I found that I could use the H1N1 as audio face. Problem is that the software program to Zoom H1N1 won’t work in my pc (lonova yoga, windows 10). I have tried another audio interface software program, but the Zoom doesn’t respond to the microphone at all. It does show a note that External microphone is added though, when plugging in the cabel. Have anyone any idea what the problem might be? I use a XLR to mini jack cable.

Hope to hear from someone with more experience in this field, than I have :joy:

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Maybe the Oktava 012 require and additional alimentation of +48V?
Some audios interfaces can do this, does the Zoom H1N can provide this?

Hello Fabrice

Thank you for your answer. I looked it up, and your right, so I’ll try to get a +45 power source.

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