DIY Rope braid tutorial

Hello handpan friends :slight_smile:
I was looking for something I could craft during this quarantine and I stumbled across handpan rope braids which are used to cover the rim and decorate the handpan. I found a tutorial for the Rav, but I was wondering if anyone had ever done one for their handpan. I guess the measurement for lenght and width would be slightly different.



@David I noticed you shared this link in the list of 20 things to do at home. Did you figure out the length of the ropes for the diameter of handpans?

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Hi, all. I make braids with jute rope, and looks, you need 1.8x2 m for borders and 22m for the braid (depends of your rope and knots).


Thanks for sharing, Anton. That’s beautiful!

I’m into making my own rims during the quarantine! I love making them, it’s fun but it takes time. I experimented with t-shirt yarn rope which I like more than plastic rope, then I dyed the yarn on my preference. If you have any question I’ll be happy to help. Can’t upload pics here because my phone has an issue.
Have you continued your project?

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Hey! I completed the rope, but it didn’t turn out as I expected. I used a rope which was too smooth (probably made of some kind of plastic/synthetic fiber) and the knots moved all around the handpan, so I had to give up on it

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Hi! I followed the tutorial here Makranc Tutorial, using 25m x 3mm cotton cord from hardware store in Amsterdam and it turned out great.
I cut 2 lengths of the cord correct for my Ayasa with extra to tie the ends (~1.7m) and the rest of the cord was enough to complete the rope. I would have preferred a tighter bunching of the knots, so 30m would have been better. Took about 4 hours over a couple evenings. Rewarding handpan decoration!


That looks beautiful - how is it holding up so far?

oh hi! yeah it’s awesome. Since its a series of knots you’d really have to put some effort in to damage it. It was also quite fun/relaxing little crafting thing to achieve so i’m planning to buy a different colour cord and make another one. Don’t think i’m ready for the dual colour versions that I have seen on etsy (just search handpan rope or braid). Maybe one day…

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That is really pretty!

Thank you so much for sharing. The clasp came off my Rav Vast the first week it arrived. It since has gone missing and I must get round to putting my own personal touch on it anyway. Thanks again.

Looks awesome…adds one’s own braid to the waves…great thread.