Does anyone know where to get an electronic handpan?

Hey guys

I stumbled upon an electronic handpan through kickstarter last year ( and I’m wondering does anyone know if there’s any update regarding the project or where can I get a similar digital handpan.

I’m so intrigued by the idea of a digital handpan given all the scales I can play and it just looks so handy!

I think it came out very delayed and with problems… sometimes people are selling it.

Hi @hangoutwithv,
There was a topic a few weeks ago about this Lumen Handpan (e-handpan)
If you manage to get one, I’d love to see how you use it - I like your video with the launchpad app (I like your covers too).


This new Instrument can be a great Choice:

Its not ready now, but you can contact the person how build it.

Or you can build your own.

This looks like a fun project…

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Hey Bert thanks for this! This looks SO DOPE and it seems more developed & sophisticated than the one I saw on kickstarter. the Lumen handpan isn’t available now but we will see!
Also thanks for checking out my videos - wasn’t expecting that haha! :slight_smile:

opps! better wait for the technology gets more advanced then…

hey thanks for this! the sound quality is actually so good!

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this takes the whole project thing to another level… gave me headache just by reading it haha

just stumbled upon this:

Thanks! I shall wait for an upgraded version…

Hey Hangoutwithv,

I have got an Oval,
I was one of the first persons to buy one. But I haven’t used it for a long time, It can be used as a MIDI and by that you can give a lot of different sounds and notes to every. I am not so advanced in using all the MIDI, but I can imagine you can designate different notes and scales to the Oval.
If you are interested, let me know
I can make some pictures of it.

Peace, Ruben

Hey Ruben

Thank you for the info! What is the biggest challenge you face when using the Oval?


Hey Venus,

I haven’t been using the Oval a lot, I have used it a bit through MIDI within Ableton Live,
but I am not an expert on Ableton at all, so I still need to figure out a lot, and I don’t know if I will use the Oval a lot in the future… ?
It is easy to connect the Oval to the laptop, and give different sounds to it, I could even play piano on it, and if you put a good VST to it, you can design a lot of interesting sounds, and within Ableton it’s also possible to start loops with it, and even in nowadays Logic built in synths you can do a lot of stuff…

I don’t have a smart phone or other device that can run the Oval app, so I have never used it in that way, i guess that will give also more possibilities.
In these days I am more working with only acoustic instruments.
You are free to come by and give the Oval a try, and you are also welcome to buy it from me
I still have the original box that it came in…

Peace, Ruben