F LOW PYGMY to purchase

Hi, I’m looking to purchase an F low Pygmy hand Pan. I’ve had very little luck looking online and I’m cautious about using eBay. Does anybody have any suggestions how I might find a legitimate one to purchase? Thanks so much!

Good morning, are you on Facebook? There is a group called “Swap and Sale - only for Handpans”, there you might find interesting offers​:pray:t3::notes::musical_note::notes::sun_with_face:

Check out the Manik Soundsculptures. I’m waiting for mine at the moment :). Nitrided or Ayasa Ember steel options available. F low pygmy is a beautiful scale :slight_smile:

@Dr_McGlynn I am looking to seek my F Low Pygmy. It’s from Manik Purchased via the Yatao Shop. I was inspired after watching Aylin’s Perspective. After one year, now looking to change this. The handpan is in pristine condition but if interested just drop me an email to mwbloomfield@gmail.com. Good luck!

Friendly reminder, be aware that there is a difference between F low pygmy and F2 low pygmy… if your looking for the deep tones, be sure its an F2