Flawless Meridian Custom Hijaz D + additional bottom notes + internal MIC

Hi everyone! I’m SELLING this beauty (listen with headphones):

It is a flawless Meridian handpan. It is a custom made D Hijaz 9 + Bb3 + Eb5 at the bottom.

Those two extra notes can change the tone of the song creating a lot of different possibilities between the Hijaz scale on a lower D than usual and a great emotional change.

It also has an internal mic unique of his kind, which you can use to record on your DAW or computer or even cellphone with the proper adapter.

I have taken care each week, it was used mainly indoors, and it was never stored. I had it for about half a year.

I don’t play with it as often as it deserves. It is a beautiful instrument.

I consider Meridian and Yishama as one of the best makers out there because of the tone of their instruments, the long sustain and the clear separation between the different notes, though this is a strictly personal opinion.

I paid 1800 EUR for it. I’m also selling its hardcase technologies case and the Meridian panshield which makes it literally prepared for all grounds travels.

If you are interested, think of an offer for everything and send me a message.

Video can be seen here: Redirecting...
I can also send many other if you want. Thanks!

Hi, Erol, can you send me some pics of your beauty? Details with the brand, the microphone adapter, upper and lower shell with the Bottoms? If you have, some videos as announced, so I can make an offer to you🙏🏼

Greetings, Jo

Hi, Erol,

are you no longer interested in selling the Hijaz? Give a short note about it, maybe some photos and another video, I still want to make an OFFER​:wink::musical_note::notes::pray:t3: