For sale GUDA 2.0 Plus Enigma handpan steel tongue drum. Item in US

For sale a beautiful new GUDA 2.0 handpan double steel tongues, 9 notes, 20 inches diameter, in ENIGMA scale (G) Bb C D Eb F G Bb C. The instrument is new and it comes with a premium custom made gig bag. Please look on line for for more details, and search on youtube for “Guda 2.0 Plus Enigma” to see several video clips of this drum. These drums are highly regarded for their warm woody sound and for their overall quality, and each of them costs over $640.00 shipped to US from Ukraine where they are hand made. I am asking $495.00 plus a flat cost of $35.00 for shipping with UPS to Continental United States. I will consider reasonable offers. I am only allowed to attach one photo but If interested you can e-mail me at and I will send you several more detailed pictures. Thanks!