Free lessons / resources?

I’m aware of all the amazing masterclasses on this site and I fully intend on enrolling into a few of them, but I’m wondering if anybody can suggest some good lessons to tide me over in the meantime?

I’ve gone through all of the free ones on this site, as well as some channels on youtube, but I’m hoping to find some more. I really like the structure / progression of David’s Essentials course, and am hoping to find something along the lines to tide me over until I can afford the full version. Any suggestions?


take look at David Urban Handpan:

Or checkout Wolfgang Ohmer ( Ambient Guitar ):

Or take look at the book of Loris Lombardo.
His Book with DVD has a lot of good Content.

Cheers … Stefan


Thank you Stefan for this usefull links and Welcome to the Village👍 I hope we see us in future on a next Handpan Day. Best greetings, Marco