Future OHM Handpan Buyers

I, like a few on here, decided to purchase a pan from OHM Handpans after carefully listening and researching his pans. I really liked the way they sounded over the other pan makers. So as a beginner in this wonderful handpan world I went ahead and purchased a Handpan from OHM in November 2020 after seeing that his pans were reasonably price for the beginner I am and his reviews on a few websites were very positive. He seemed to have a great philosophy about the handpan and his social media site show him to be solo creator in love with his craft and father to a new born. I wanted by local (US) and who better to give my hard earned money to than someone who will need it during these trying times.

Well with much disappointment I have yet to receive my pan and the communications which were about a month apart stopped completely as of july 14th. I have tried in various ways to get in contact with the owner since the 14th with no success.

After much debate and heavy heart I have reported his business to his local Consumer Protection agency as Fraud/Scam because of the lack of communication and time that has gone by without receiving the pan for him to reply only to the mediation department that there is no way to get a refund and that my complaints are invalid because i couldnt wait for the product to be built, but that he will send me the product as soon as it is finished.

Now mind you this was almost 9 months ago I had purchased the Pan and he had a turn around time of 4 to 6 weeks. I understand there can be problems along the way that cause delays but this is inexcusable am i wrong?

So a word to the people that are thinking about purchasing a pan from OHM Handpans. Listen to the others on this site and other social media sites to make the best judgement you can for purchasing from OHM.

I hope that others have had better luck with their purchases from OHM.

Ugh!! So terrible. I bought mine from Saraz. They communicated via email very quickly. I was required to pay 50% via PayPal to start the project. The predicted the completion date, including the shipping time by Aug 13th and it arrived on Aug 14th! It took about 4 months to create it. They were super fantastic and referred me to David for lessons.

I found them via this article they wrote:

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I also had a great experience with Saraz. Highly professional interaction with them and amazing handpan quality. They delivered on all accounts!