Ghost notes: playing and evolution

Hi everybody!

Today I’ve got a question about ghost notes. It’s not really clear for me.
How to play them and particularly, how the ghost note playing evolve with the player level?
At the beginning I understood that you touch the handpan with the less noise as possible.
But for me it’s always make a sound. Is it what we are looking for?
Or can I « play » them without touching the handpan (just making the movement).

Moreover I saw some handpan player like Kate Stone when she’s playing « urban » who looks like to make no ghost notes at all. Just like « silence ». Is she because she have the beats in her skin? Or is it just an other way of playing?

So are ghost notes useful just the time to learn handpan and have a good level?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’m not an advanced player, but I think as you wrote that ghost notes are most interresting for learning rythm, tempo, and groove.
But as you have seen it’s not always necessary, especially when your are composing or improvising, you can do as you like, if that sound good it’s ok! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing with me your opinion! I will try with the two ways (with and without ghost notes), and we will see!
Ghost notes are probably the best for learning, but after i’m affraid it will become a brake. (Or it will become a deeply ingrained automatism and will not affect the game/ creation…).

Yes, I think both ways are good! For training I’ve noticed it’s really a good exercise to gain a softer and more groovy touch.

Also I had a previous handpan where ghost notes was really picky to play softly. But now on a RAV Vast ghost notes are easier to play smooth, so the difficultly can probably also depend of the instrument.