Halo, Pantheon Steel, scale „Silver Spring“ to sell!

Halo, Pantheon Steel, scale „Silver Spring" to sell !

I have to reduce my collection of handpans and so I sell a new condition Halo Handpan, scale „Silver Spring“ from PANTHEON STEEL.
Scale Silver Spring: (Db) Ab C Db Eb F Ab C Db,
The instrument ist well maintained, has no damage and never left my home. Look and tune is like new.
Very nice, warm sounds and great surface.
I purchased the Halo in 2017 directly from PANTHEON STEEL. The price was $3.450,-.Comes with the original softbag.
I’d prefer to visit me in Munich/Germany to test the Halo, but shipping is also possible.

Price 2.000,- €

Feel free to message with any questions!

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Könnten sie mir ein video senden wie sie jede note spielen dammit ich weiss ob das tuning noch richtig ist?


mache ich und sende Video am Wochenende…

I’ll make a Video and send it to you next days…

Stefan Huhne


habe ein kurzes Video gemacht / added a small video:

Vielen Dank, wie viel würden sie fuer diese Trommel akzeptieren? Ich würde ihnen 1500 euro in cash bieten und freunde von mir würden diese Trommel in München abholen

I can do 1550 but are also not willing to go up much higher!

Ok…this more than a bargain for you.
Write to stefan.huhne@gmx.de to make an appointment for pick up.

Yes that is a bargain. I have a halo that I bought used for waaaay more than that (in Canadian $) and I’m happy to have my hands on it:) They are new for $3500 :us: dollars. Highly recommend them. Great people, great builders. Love my Halo.


Thanx Reed…
You seem to have a clue of it. Halos are definitly great instruments…
And for everyone out there:
The Silver Spring is still to have !!! (Janus_Circe was not able to answer my last offer).
I repeat: Top condition ! in tune ! 1.550,- € !
So what…?

Hi interested if still available do you have original box and serial number

Hi Alexander,

yes, still available. It comes with the original case. The serial nummer see foto.

Best regards,


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