Handpan Black Friday Giveaways : Win one of 5 handpans + 2 RAV Vast

Hi everyone,

:black_heart: Black Friday is our biggest event of the year.

We love to spoil you, so weโ€™ve put together some amazing gifts for you all.

Request your access to get the chance to win one of these amazing prizes:
:point_right: 5 Premium Handpans
:point_right: 2 RAV Vast Tongue Drums
:point_right: 1 Recording Kit
:point_right: 1 Boss RC-505 Looper
:point_right: 2 Evatek Bags
:point_right: 3 Handpan Stands
:point_right: 10 Full Access Passes to all our courses

It sounds crazy, right? Donโ€™t miss out, sign up now :sunglasses:

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