Handpan cleaning (alternatives)

Due to the recent covid19 mess, I’ve been unable to find isopropyl/rubbing alcohol anywhere to clean my pan.

What are some safe alternatives for cleaning a nitrided-finish (see pic) handpan? Is windex ok? How about antibacterial/sanitizer wipes? Again, I’m wanting to know what i can use to clean it, not what type of protective oil to use.

I imagine that that after cleaning my handpan with one of these solutions, I should then apply/treat it with a protective oil?

Hello Justin,
I suppose that it depends on the kind of finish of the handpan. Mine for example is not painted, it has the natural steel color, that depends on the temperature it had reached while manufacturing.
To clean it I use a special handpan oil (picture), and to maintain it I use natural coconut oil.
I hope this is useful for you
Take care

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Hi guys,

Just stumbled upon this video and thought it might help you:
Dii: How to Clean Your Handpan Properly

They test different cleaning alternatives on different shell types and show the results!

By the way, there is a quite similar topic being discussed there:

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You may also find isopropyl alcohol at paint supply stores. Ethanol stove fuel may found at hardware stores. Methyl hydrate may also be an option. Acetone is most likely far too aggressive. In my other discussion (Protection and Maintenance) I’m trying to figure out what to use. If you have already used isopropyl on a nitrided pan, I’d like to hear more. Also company made your pan? Mine is made by Pantheon Steel.

Hello everyone. I got an email back from Pantheon Steel about cleaning Halo pans.


Hi, I use natural massage oil hahaha. My Asachan loves it :rofl:


Salut! Pour ce qui est du nettoyage je vous déconseille de nettoyer votre handpan avec le côté grattant de l’éponge (côté vert), si il est en acier nitrure, cela raye et abîme le revêtement . Prenez soin de vous !

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I saw an extensive test on all kinds of material and the Clorox wipes or disinfectant wipes came out best…

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Hey @Justin_Thomas that might help (even though isopropyl is mentioned in the article :wink: )

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coconut butter, light thin coating, dont rub too hard as that might change the notes (heat)
using a microfibre towel.

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