Handpan Lottery Campaign! No fees to participate! Included shipping fee & Hardcase!

HANDPAN Lottery Campaign! Just send us an e-mail!
No fees to participate!
Included shipping fee & Hardcase!
Check website - https://www.tamaru-kyoto.com/

Echo Sound Sculpture
AsaChan - Kabeção Signature Model

Let’s spread the amazing handpan scene to the world!
For a more peaceful world.
Much love :slight_smile:



Hello, it is a wonderful offering,
do you have more details that you can offer ?


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What a magical idea!
Thank you for giving us all this incredible opportunity, and for sharing the love for these beautiful drums <3
I just want to confirm, what would be the broadcast time here in Ontario, Canada?

Please Check website:) - https://www.tamaru-kyoto.com/

Please check website PDF information last page - https://6468ca7a-1044-4fae-babe-c360c28fb9aa.filesusr.com/ugd/a51227_e61d7f6ef0e842208fc0bf486ea4af59.pdf

But I don’t know very much about “summer time”, Please check yourself:)

Thank you!! Much appreciated, just want to confirm so I don’t miss this!! (=

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My absolute dream to have a handpan, especially a Kabecao Signature Model! Holy moly my life would be complete.

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Very interesting, what metal you use ?
Rustproof ?
How many Notes and tune ?
When you award prize ?
How long it take to fabricate one drum ?
How much is the prize drum worth ?
Thank You, Benni