Handpan simulator app

Hello, While waiting to find the right handpan, is there a good handpan simulator app? I am practicing on a piece of paper now marked with notes…
I have an android phone. Thanks!

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With many RAV / Handpan scales

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A great and free App is “oval Synth” with many scales and Sounds.

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Oval Synth looks excellent, yet I have an Android phone and windows computer. Not compatible. Disappointed.

This is excellent for helping me to choose which scale to start with! Thank you

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here you can play more scales and create every scale you want or see by any Handpan Maker.



Try using:

Or search for other virtual players



Great to play with Keyboard (on PC/Laptop/MAC) - dosn’t work so fine by touchscreen.

The Virtual Hang is modeled after a first generation Hang with an central Ding surrounded by eight tone fields. It is tuned to a D Hijaz kar scale , also known as the Persian Scale. This scale consists of the following notes: D, E flat, F sharp, G, A, B flat, C sharp. The tone fields span one full octave from D4 to D5 beginning at the bottom and alternating from left to right. The Ding is tuned to A3 which is a low fifth. The Gu side is currently not available.

nice tool to see Handpans Scales and Chords - great work for the Handpan Community by Robin BERGÈRE (https://rojb.net/)

And also a very cool Handpan Sequencer (by Spen Taylor)


Found this great tool via the MTH FB Group - original Post:


I wanted to share a project that I’ve been working on a little over lockdown…

Selecting and buying a handpan is huge commitment. Thousands of $s for 1 single scale - and that’s assuming you can find some access to the scales you’re interested in.

So I’ve set out to make a nice little digital tool for trying out different scales. Currently it’s super limited, has a bunch of minor bugs, bad samples and still needs polish, but here it is… :slight_smile:

I’d love any feedback, and if you’re a coder - feel free to jump in and make your contribution - it’s all open source :slight_smile:


Source code:

Hello all, I have added sound to my Handpaner app (handpaner.com), feel free to check it out and send me feedback, always welcome ! Thanks ! (I might steal some ideas from other apps posted here ahah)


New good sounding virtual Handpan:

(playable on mobile phone /touchscreen or via Keyboard/PC)

Hi, If you are using Ableton Live, I made an Handpan Software instrument by sampling my C# Phyrgian. There are 15 samples per note, 5 for 3 different velocities. I sell it for a small fee on this website https://shop.sergiodaniels.ch/en/handpan-en
Regards Sergio

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Tried just the ravast and maybe it’s bc total novice