Help needed - is this a good offer?

Hey there,

I am in the process of buying my first handpan ever. I happened to come across one of my favorite models in a handpan group on Facebook and was wondering if I do a mistake by buying it.

Maker: Halo (Pantheon Steel)
Model: Cirrus 22
Scale: Goonkali

I know it’s a great maker, it’s freshly retuned and I love the scale. I’d be able to buy it for $2,400 incl. Shipping. Photos and videos look all nice.

It’s a fair offer, right? Please help me relax :smiley:

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

did you know the year it was made?

Yes - it’s July 2017!

The person who offers it is the second owner - which might have been a bad sign, but it would be shipped directly from Halo headquarters: “I sent it back to Pantheon, as Kyle got in touch with me to let me know that because that was one of the early new generations that they had over nitrided the pan. As a result the ding sounded a bit flat. So they gave it a full strip back and retune and now it sings again.”

I own a Halo Kiavara. I love it. If it is coming directly from Pantheon I’d trust it. I bought mine used, owner direct to me and I’m very happy with it. From all I’ve learned, if Kyle Cox says it’s ok, it is. Message me if you have any other questions @Skalli

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Hey @Skalli, Halo team here. Here’s a bit more background for you: That Halo is much better than new (and the best it can ever be, most likely). See video.

Jesse listed it on swap/sale and we noticed it needed to work so we had him ship it to us for repair (our goal is to keep Halos around the world in tiptop shape). As part of the free repair, we’ll also ship it to the new owner when Jesse sells it (it’s here at our shop now). In our opinion, it’s a good deal! (definitely worth more than the asking price).

Only 1 caveat: Jesse shipped it to us without a case. So either the seller or buyer would need to purchase a case from us before we ship it out.


Welcome to the Village @PantheonSteel! Thank you for the Halo care info. I put a link to that on Protection and Maintenance discussion:)


Thank you everyone for your feedback!

@Reed That’s comforting to hear :slight_smile: It really does feel like a good choice to me, too. But when you don’t have any hands-on experience, it’s still an uneasy feeling to buy something online for this amount of money. Especially since there are so many scams and fake listings for handpans in circulation. What you said is really reassuring, and it’s great to know that you are happy with your similar purchase back then!

@PantheonSteel now that’s a nice surprise! It’s a small world, it seems (or at least, the handpan community is). Thank you for drawing attention to the case purchase, will put it on my list to bombard Jesse even further. We will schedule a video call to clarify all details, but as it stands now I feel very comfortable with the idea of purchasing the Goonkali. It’s a bit sad that I can’t get to see your workshop in person, but with your feedback I can calm my mind. :slight_smile:

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