Hi all buying a hang

Hi thank you for adding me, i would like to buy a hang but confused by all that are for sale i realise that the cheap ones aren’t very good but the price for better ones i have range from 1,400 to 5,000 help please ha ha i need it


Hi @Luna! Welcome to the Village !

I understand how you’re feeling right now as I was in a similar position a few months ago.

Check this thread out :

where you might find some answers, opinions and useful links! :smiley:

Maybe even ask your questions there to receive more answers !

Take care, cheers !

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I consider 1200€ min value of decent pan. Best to check recorddings before buying.
Fore i started from karumi steel maker. It was very good (still got two pans for sale from him) and now I have yishama :wink: expensive but very very good


I suggest ordering from Estonian Heliton makers. you can check out their page here: https://www.helitonhandcrafts.com/ Their instruments are very good, I ordered mine (the very first) from them, knowing nothing about the scales or specifics. They helped me in the deciding process and I am most happy with the result. And even if you choose some other instrument makers, I am sure you make the right decision for yourself. Dig in! It will be great :slight_smile:

Have a good journey @Luna ! :rose:

How much do they cost? I can’t find any prices on the Heliton website.

there is quite a consideration and costs applied.
Hey man we have company’s that press two pc’s of high or low end
sheet metal into two bowl shapes. Who and how bowls many are shaped/pressed
in an hour is unknown, are they further heat treated and possibly made rust resistant.
The bowls are available for sale on the internet, so the question is if I spend $5000 U.S.
will it sound better than one made by a single artist that has experience and the required tools that will sell me a hang for $2500 U.S.
I had bought one that had the glue that holds the two halves together and the glue was hanging down the bottom half, the hang was not a entry level price.
Further more how many notes will be tuned to absolute desire, and are you willing to have
half notes or overlaps.

You will be disappointed is all I can say as a newbie who wants one too.