Hi from Ontario Canada!

Hi everyone! I joined this group a little prematurely maybe…I am brand tapping new to Handpan ( or any instrument for that matter! ) and my handpan is scheduled to arrive only tomorrow. Absorbing all I can in the meantime ( reading amd listening and viewing videos) - I find the handpan magical and mystical and so Zen! I am so excited to learn, to play from the soul, and to share and learn from this group!


Hello my neighbour ,
i be in the same land as you.
I hope that you enjoy the pan and the bummer of not legally being able to play in a local park or mall, now mind you some of what we play might offend others :smile:
Enjoy the journey

You found a good place to get into the :raised_hand::flying_saucer::raised_back_of_hand: world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool … another player from Ontario. I’m from Ontario also.
There doesn’t appear to be many of us.


Hi there @Sandpangal!

You landed here with the perfect timing, no worries !

Many of us are also new to playing music and to the handpan :hugs:

I started my journey by discovering this wonderful instrument in January, got my D Kurd 9 in February and then started learning with Master the handpan. It all brings me great joy :smiley:

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Thank you @Nightbaron! Looking forward to the journey!

Thank you @kadnium! :smile:

:slight_smile: :grin: thank you @Reed !

Thank you @Benni! Hopefully I can find a nice quiet place by then river to play…when I learn how to play! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,
I find playing to Bob Marley tunes is Great, relaxing and easy to keep a beat/rythm with

Hello everyone,
when the Vid19 has been safely locked away in a tomb
perhaps the players in Ontario could meet up somewhere
in a park that is close enough for all to enjoy for half a day
of playing and chat.

Great idea @Benni! Bob Marley certainly has some groovy tunes!

Hi everyone. Been learning for a while but a long way to go. Just found the Village. Also from Ontario. Toronto now. But currently hiding out in Brazil maybe we meet down the road a bit

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Hello Ontario Canada neighbour,
hope all is solid for you you in Brazil and you have your pan there with you,
lats couple days here have been close to 30 degrees !
Who do you enjoy playing with (musical artist) ?
Who made your pan ?


Hi Benni. Thanks for the reply

I bought two pans from a friend in California ( dont know the maker but good ones) and after quite a delay have been working my way through the early stages of the online master the handpan lessons. Going good now.

Havent tried playing with music yet but I like the suggestion i read re Bob Marley. And lots of good Brazilizn reggea as well.

I didnt bring my best pan with me as i had so much stuff to bring. But i bought something similar (a steel drum type instrument but not as nice) that is made close to where i am as ill be here a while yet. Just to keep practicing
It sounds nice actually. Check out

MPS_instrumentos. Instagram, FB or just web I guess About 425 $ Canadian so not too steep compared to full-on pans.

And you? What are you playing? How long? Where are u?


Hello Friend,
I play a Heavensound.ca
D Minor Penta, the maker is from Vancouver Island and I have played 2 years,
enjoy playing backup with Bob Marley, he dont mind !
Your pan looks very interesting, Nice.
Man it was a hot day today pushing above 30 degree, but nice under a shady tree with my pan, I am near Kitchener Ontario.
Keep chilling & playing, maybe someday we all meet up under an OntarioTree.
Good1, Benni

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Hello Friend,
you chose a great instrument for our trouble times,
share to learn from this group …
well we can learn from you too !
Hopefully one day the Ontario sector can gather in a convient location/park for
half or full day of playing, trading drums to play and Fun.
Let us know how you make out and enjoy.
Benni in Ontario

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Sounds like a plan !

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Welcome @brushvirgo from Vancouver Island! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::flying_saucer::raised_back_of_hand:

Thank you. I have family in Nanaimo? You close by?