How do you position yourself when you play?

Good evening!
I am curious how people position themselves when they play- cross legged, seated, with a stand? I have had some crazy tension in my side bodies for a while now, and I am starting to think it may be because I sit cross legged when I play and perhaps hunch my back a bit too much. Any info would be great! Thanks

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Hi @earthwalker!

A similar topic was started some time ago:

Check it out! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Much appreciated ( :

i use a stand when seating,
also a taller stand to play standing
the cross leg on ground is not a happy place for me
Try a stand, it can give greater mobility for the arms & hands to swing & rotate


Thank you Benni! I’ll need to look into that (=

Good Day
yes the mobility of arms & hands is a cure to making music easy,
lets not the contort the body, we need full free movement without weird pains at days end.