I'm a beginner and want to buy a handpan from Isthmus

Hi lovely people, I’m a newby and want to buy my first handpan. I live and Australia and I’ve been reading most of the articles, listen ans listen and I’ve narrow it down to the D Minor hexatonic/Celtic scale of 8 or 9. I really like the one from Isthmus, anyone had any experience with this seller? This is the link for the one I like by far from all I had listen so far, and I had quite a bit:

What do you think, any advice? Is this scale goingbto last me for a while or it’s too basic? Anything else similar but better in any wsy? Any advice would be appreciated, as this will be a great financial effort for me.

Thank you so much!

I am sorry I have no experience, but this is a beautiful sounding pan! Thanks for sharing!

I have this scale, handpan, 10 note made by Pandakini in Berlin and love it. The handpan was used for months in the hospital by a practitioner who would play for critically ill patients on respirators, helping them heal and not feel alone. The pan was built by ( https://www.pandakini.com ) and it is calming and healing, easy to play scale. From what I hear in the video the Pandakini has more sustain and brightness but this pan sounds nice.

Hi Daniela- I live in South Australia and bought my hang pan from the groovewarehouse in Canberra. Gary there will help you out and play them while you listen too. He has Celtic ones I believe - mine is an equinox - and I have no idea what i am doing except learning and having fun L

I own an Isthmus E SabyeD. I must say that the customer service is A-1! (See my comment on her website) Jenny Robinson, the builder, is very attentive and helps you choose the right scale. Her handpan is amazing with a nice crisp sound. It is because she hand hammers the whole handpan to obtain the best sound. She doesn’t buy pre-fab shells. The steel is her own recipe. I think D Celtic or C# Mystic is a good beginner’s handpan that can go a long way. You wouldn’t want a scale too difficult to grasp. I am saving to buy my another one from her. My first handpan is a D Kurd from Novapans. They are affordable and not bad for a starter handpan.