Introduction and question about Baopan, extra note D kurd

Hi, there.

I’m new here. My name is Jean, I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I’ve been practicing with Davids course for the Rav Vast, which is incredible value for the money.
Now that I’m making progress, the handpan itch is back.

I’ve always wanted a handpan, but settled for the rav vast first.

Now that I’m on the market for a handpan, I found Baopan, a maker from France.
While Baopan has a great site and a friendly owner, there is very little information to be found on the web except some youtube videos (with David playing them…so they must be great?)

So is there anybody here with experience with Baopan? How is it compared to other high quality pans?

second question:
I think I want a D kurd scale. Do I need a 9th note? If so, what would be the best note to choose?

Thanks an greetings,


Hi Jean,

I attended a workshop and played on a several Baopan.
After, I contacted Franck to order a D Kurd with an extra note (high C).
Good price. Delivered within 3 weeks.
It’s been over 2 years ago and it still sounds perfect.
My only regret is that I asked for the C to be placed underneath instead of between the A and G.
Hope this helps.

Hi Bert,

thanks for answering.
Bert is a name common in Holland, do you live in the Netherlands?

Great to hear from one user. To me it’s very strange that I can hardly find any users or reviews.
The price is great, but since I can’t test it in person, I ask myself if it would be better to spend 400 more for a more well known maker.

I’m almost convinced to try Baopan, but I can spend this money only once.

Hi Jean,
I’m not from the Netherlands (it’s a nickname).

I understand your point. It’s a big investment for us amateurs and there’s a big risk in buying an instrument without trying it. Based on my personal experience, I recommended Baopan to 2 friends who are very happy.

I think Baopan is considered as a leading maker in France also used by professionals and I don’t think he builds his instruments differently for professionals and amateurs (I know at least one brand who does that).
[BTW I’m not affiliated with Baopan].

Maybe plan a holiday in Brittany and try?

Feel free to send me a direct message if you want to chat more.

Hi Jean,
As you live in the Netherlands, I’d suggest you get an Ayasa handpan. I have their D kurd 9 note and think its great. You can listen to their pans online. You’d probably have a wait… If you plan to visit the UK, I’d look at Meridian handpans but not a good idea to buy from the Netherlands as you would be clobbered with customs duties. I don’t know Baopan. Good luck with it all.

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