Learning to play

Hi everyone!
As a complete beginner, I was wondering if anyone else struggles to find and hit the notes on the far side of their handpan.
I have a 9 note handpan and can’t physically see the higher notes that are further away from me. Any tips on striking these notes? Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas will be gratefully accepted :slight_smile:

Use thumbs in close and finger tips farther away. Fingers on the close notes may be pushing the pan too far to reach the other side. I find this was best in the beginning. :raised_hand::flying_saucer::raised_back_of_hand:


Hey @Amberwoods you should try the free trial of this course. It addresses this topic :

Take care and happy learning!

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I just started learning too. The furthest note is usually the highest pitch (depends how you orientate the pan) and so the tonefield is much smaller and easier to miss. Putting in practice hours really helps. The starting was tough but each “failure” means my body learns to adjust. After a while I learn to trust my hand “knows” where the note is, and I don’t have to keep looking.

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Thank you - very helpful!