My first professional recorded music video «Cycle»

Hi mates, i record a music video few months ago in north macedonia. What do you think about the song, playing style and so on? Its my first video ever :smiley:


Nice! I like the flow as well as the changes in tempo and dynamics.

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Thank you :smiley:
Its an arpeggio, very easy i think.

Hi @jonashandpan!

I can’t imagine how it must be for you playing at that level without clearly hearing the sounds! Can you feel the vibrations?

I really like your video clip! Wonderful scenary and drone view :slight_smile:

I share @Stu’s feelings about the change in tempo. Well done!

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Hi @Nightbaron, first thank you for the compliment!
I have absolutely no idea how my music sounds for hearing peoples. I just “hear” it in my way with my hearing loss (left 100% and right 80-90%).

Honestly i just play from heart. I don’t know how i compose this song but i can play it in same way again and again.

The video make a guy from north macedonia. Great prices there. I only paid 200 bucks for the whole prodution :smiley:



Jonas this video is amazing!!! Congrats!!! I remember the first time we met at the catering in Basel I was enchanted by your music. Keep going! Im your fan! :slight_smile:


Oh wow! I can tell you are one with the handpan- you don’t just play the handpan, you sing through it! Rubato on the slowly modulating arpeggios draws me into the music. At the beginning, you have an arpeggio ostinato with a higher melodic line that sparkle through like starlight. At 0:55 it becomes more agitated with a different top theme. 2:32 gives me a sense of floating now that the bass arpeggios are replaced with a delicately high section. This seamlessly allows the bass to creep back in with a return to the theme at the beginning of the piece. I feel like I’m being invited in then gently moved like slowly undulating waves in water. The return of the original theme at the end invited me to come back to myself and reflect on the journey you’ve just taken me on.
I got chills at 1:59: the music speeds up as the perspective of the video is shifting, they reflect each other perfectly. It seems like the trees in the background are moving away while you are coming closer and I am completely enthralled! I’m working on my first music video and have been trying to get this same effect- how did they do it?


Great Music and Video!

And great Review @David_RAVVast

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Very nice video Jonas! :+1:t2:

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First video! Wow! :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Hi @David_RAVVast, thank you for your detailed feedback :smiley:
I dont know how i found this song or how i compose it, i just play it one day and keep it inside of me. Its one of my best compositions so far.

Honestly on that day i was very lucky. Great weather, nice guy in north macedonia, who films me in 3 hours up there with his stuff. We dont plan that much actually, just write one day before with each other on instagram and go up spontanousely the next day for the production. I padi 200 bucks for everything!

One week after: this is the result :smiley:

My second music video was released one week ago:

The second video, I recorded it on my own with my gear and some little help with the drone. Cut and color grade it on my own. You see a big difference between hire someone or doing it on your own :slight_smile:


Super nice Jonas!!! Congrats1 Nice video and beautiful music! So calming :slight_smile:


Wow I tell you what- you have some gorgeous spaces to perform in! It was certainly well done- you have multiple angles and even work in a lens flare with the sun. I like lens flares haha! I also see what you mean by how big of a difference it makes for a professional to do the video.


Yeah i love this place in Greece, Meteora, Kalambaka. Very beautiful there. I recommend a trip for everyone.

Filming yourself alone is also not that easy - even if your are in a place with lot of tourists. There were lot of tourist filming me also with their smartphone hahah :smiley:

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Jonas, I am deeply impressed by your first video. The nature is fantastic and the melody so relaxing. I cannot believe that you made the second video by your own, without any help! It looks really professional and I would like to see more from your projects. I visited your website and can just repeat that I am impressed by your story. Keep going on!


Agree… Its amazing…


Thank you very much for your feedback @Theamarie <3 At the moment i work on a new project, not a music video, but something with handpan.

I struggle a little bit to record my next music video bcs my breathing is a problem i think. I breathe naturally too loud and cant control it bcs i dont even hear myself breathing haha :smiley:

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This is inspiring! I have a bit of hearing loss too and always worry that I don’t hear small aspects of each note, especially the higher pitched ones. You make it clear that it doesn’t matter too much! Thanks for sharing.


Hello Jonas! Lovely video, and your music is just beautiful. It opens my heart :heart: Thank you for your story, too. I listened your other music on Spotify and love them, too :blush:

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