Need help with this handpan :(

Hello Village,

I’ve just received my very first handpan (yep, I’m a complete newbie), which I bought online from some guy on the internet. That is a second-hand handpan and on video from seller everything was quite alright: all notes seemed to be fine, and it only had a little bit of rust but nothing critical.
However upon receiving the instrument I’ve noticed that one of the notes weirdly resonates. I’ll add video to the post, so you can check by yourself.

So main the question is: Am I doing something wrong or something is not right with the instrument? And most importantly - what to do? I doubt that I’ll be able to refund so I guess it needs to be fixed… somehow.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this handpan made from a reputable source? You could send it back
Otherwise it’s possible to find a handpan seller/crafter near you that could tune it to a real note. I agree it doesn’t sound good and it’s not you.

Hi, try To find a maker for re-tune this note. Bye.

Never buy an used handpan if you do not know personally the seller…it is very dangerous…