New to purchasing for a toddler

Hello, my experience with handspans are limited to listening to them and enjoying the relaxing tones and music. I have a 2.5 year old grandson of who I am entertaining the thought of purchasing one for and obviously given the unknown given his interest, it would be valuable to have pertinanent information for me to make the proper decision when shopping for and making a purchase of a smaller package. I would appreciate any solid advice on pursuing one of these for a young toddler. Thanks

A handpan of 22" or more would probably be too big for short arms to reach all notes. And possibly a danger if it topples from a stand. A small tongue drum with mallets would be easier for a child to handle. Might be easier to just get a more affordable xylophone as a child’s interest wanes over time.

Thank you for your opininion. I am drawn to a drum over xylophone as I would think the sounds is smoother and more appropriate for the ears of the adults within ear shot. Perhaps I will look at the smaller introductory drums, thank you. Do the smaller inexpensive drums have different chords as do the large drums?

From my observation, the smaller tongue drums are often found with chromatic scales, i.e. do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si, which differs from the scales available on handpans.

Here’s one example which I randomly picked (there are many manufacturers for this type):

There is another drum to consider for someone so young. Google tamboa. The kids that visit me enjoy this drum. Ages 2 and up to 9 years old. This may be another option before committing to a rav or hand pan :raised_hand::flying_saucer::raised_back_of_hand:

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