Opsilon handpan advice

Is there anyone among you who bought a handpan at Opsilon? Is it a good brand? I’m tempted to buy a handpan from them, but I’d like your opinion… Thank you in advance!


I too have been wondering about them. If you watch their videos it’s hard not to like them. I am fairly sure that my next pan should be a c# Pygmy (someday) and I have enjoyed the opsilon pans I’ve heard played by Kate Stone and Raphael Sotomayor. I am very impressed with the Turtle case they make and I know that they ship to the US using them, so I know it would arrive OK. My main concern is that if a pan needs retuning that I’d rather send it to the person who made it, and among other things that’s why I chose Nirvana and Jay to make my first pan for me. Maybe it does not matter much who retunes, but it seems somehow better to me that the one who made it might have a better insight into how it was made and therefore how best to finesse it back into tune.

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Opsilon is a good Brand and Rafael Sotomayor is one of the Best Maker in Germany/Europe.
He does have a huge knowledge about creating good Instruments and a well known player.
Hope that helps … Cheers … Stefan.

thanks you very much for your advice !