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I live on Vancouver Island. “Wet Coast”. Playing outside here, near the ocean, with wind blown ocean spray I definitely avoid. Kind of sucks because I’m a kite boarder too. So after kiting I practice hidden away to keep my precious Pantheon Steel Halo safe. Later in the evening it’s just really damp and humid. Slightly less bad but around a campfire I risk it, sometimes. I use saved desiccant packs and stow them in a cotton bag in my soft case and in my pan… and even at home these days I practice indoors because I don’t know what to apply.

The big question I have here in Canada… what product, available in Canada, to apply to protect and maintain my hand pan? Phoenix makes one that reviews well but Amazon wasn’t doing much with that in Canada even before 2020 world crisis. Frog lube has mixed reviews and now I read coconut oil… anybody else with this problem?

@Reed Have you read David’s blog about taking care of your handpan? Maybe you’ll find some answers here :point_down::blush:

I did and I re-read before this post. And FAQs on Pantheon site last updated 2017. FAQ section says they ship new hand pans with a miracle cloth and Seal1 (a gun cleaner) to be used sparingly. I’m not a fan of gun cleaners. I got my pan second hand with no information. I sent an email to Pantheon, today, as well. I’ll post their reply.

Using microfiber cloth seems to have a slight impact on factory finish. I imagine alcohol could be worse. I am a Shipwright. In my marine repair career, I have extensive experience solvents, finishes and adhesives. There has been a lot information online. Some about products affecting the glue holding the 2 pan shells together. Also not knowing the proprietary coating used by individual manufacturers, I would hate to do any damage. To date I have actually not done much for maintenance other than a microfiber wipe from time to time. Right now I’m noticing a tiny ring of rust around the apex ding and persistent handling marks on the notes and around the perimeter of the bottom shell.

My hope here is to get feedback on what people have done on their own pans and weigh all options before I test any method on mine. So far Phoenix Oil seems like the best bet but that was not readily available in Canada. Coconut oil sounds like an option as well…

From what material is your instrument made of? This seems to play an important role.

Mine is stainless steel (no coating), which seems to be the material that needs the less care.

I’m planning on using a microfiber cloth, 70% alcohol and coconut oil.

I would find it interesting as well for people to post the material of their instrument, age, type of care they applied and the results :slight_smile:

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Mine is a treated (nitrided maybe) steel as far as I know. I did find a really interesting video about hand pan corrosion test on YouTube.

Oh dear don’t do that to yourself! That’s a horror movie!
Well I think it takes a lot of factors and neglecting to turn a handpan like that. It’s not something that’s happening everyday and please correct me if I’m wrong.
Now I’m not the best to give advice in that matter as I only own one handpan which is nitrided btw but I think it’s wise to use scarcely, like 3-4 times a year, some anti-rust product like wd40 silicon or similar that your maker will suggest. I use rarely to clean potential rust but regularly I use coconut and extra Virgin olive oil to protect. Phoenix oil must be including these too or at least olive oil.
Anyway an other thing I do, because I take my handpan everywhere, I am using a cotton t-shirt yarn rim which I have noticed that when I’m on a beach or a humid area it protects the lip by absorbing the salty wet air, the plastic rope rims won’t do that. I take it out after, wash and wear again. Dunno if that is a real information, is just a personal opinion.


Do you have a photo of your rim protector? My Halo from Pantheon Steel is nitrided and has a rubber rim covering the the joint between the shells.

My phone’s archive files crushes when I’m trying to upload. Here’s the link of my FB page for rims.
If you like them I can give you instructions how to make yourself.

I have made more that being quite lazy to take pictures! Hehe

Really nice @Yiolanda313! I love the color combos! :ok_hand: :art:

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Hey @Reed! Pantheon Steel will probably give you the best advice. Generally speaking, phoenix works pretty well on most pans but you have to be vigilant when it comes to that beach life… I’ve found that sticking a few moisture eaters in your handpan will do a good job and obviously wiping off the surface after every use. Luckily rust doesn’t develop instantly, so long as your :flying_saucer: is in a cool and dry place in the long run it should be ok.

Having said that, especially if living in a humid environment, rust can develop. In which case, alcohol works best (but not more than 70% to prevent oxidation) to remove little rust spots with 3m scuff pads of miracle cloth, and eventually, discoloration might occur… its something to live with. For me, it just adds character and shows the spirit of the handpan :slight_smile: :surfing_man: :musical_note: