Rav Vast 2 D Celtic sale

Selling my Rav Vast 2 D Celtic Minor. Very lightly used and always cared for. Located in Portugal.
I will split shipping with you. I’ve purchased it new for € 730, and I’ll sell for €600.

Hi, if you accept 400 I’ll take it. I’m in Portugal too.

Hi, thanks, but I’ll sell at not less than € 550.

Where in Portugal are you?
If you accept 500 that might be a possibility and I’d meet you personally.
Honestly I’m looking for something with more notes 13/15+ … But this Rav would combine well with my D# Mystic.

Hi, I live in Viana do Castelo; if you come here to take it, I can accept yours €500.

All right, seems fair, thank you.
I don’t live that far away from Viana (it’s more or less a 2h drive) but for now I’m in Algarve until mids February.

Once I get back North I’ll send you a message (meanwhile if someone is really interested and eager to buy it right away please do so, I still need to be sure that I really need it).

Big hugs, stay safe!

Boa tarde, imagino que fale português… Ficamos assim, estou a espera duma sua mensagem, e entretanto veremos o que acontece. Boa stadia no Algarve