Recording and live microphones

Hi from Colombia!!!
(yes, yes in Colombia we also have handpans, and makers!

suggestions, commentaries, other options appreciated

  • I want to buy a microphone to record 2 handpans.
  • I would like to record other instruments like frame drums, guqin (zither), vocals, etc.
  • I don’t need a very pro mic, good enough for home recording will do.
  • Eventually, I would like to bring them when I play live (when venue has not good mics), I know they are fragile.
  • Yes I’ve read Charrier’s How to choose a microphone for the handpan.
  • I’m in Colombia so I choose from what we have here
  • I would like to have a good pair, for a nice stereo range

My first option is: 2 mics of Audio-technica At4041sp
Price is OK for 2 mics and so far my first choice. But… not sure.

Other options are:
Akg C414b Xls (expensive, just 1 mic, new chinese version…)
Audiotechnica At4050 (Expensive, just 1)
Oktava Mk-012 Msp6 (expensive but 2!)
Akg P420 or AKG C214 (price OK, but quality for handpans?)
MOJAVE MA-50 or MOJAVE 201 FET (Price OK, just 1, not sure)
MOJAVE AUDIO MA-301 FET (Expensive, just 1)

Which choice I should take?
Which is your favorite one?
Do I need a preamplifier?

Hello @Fao and welcome in the village :slight_smile:

You might find some interesting gear in this article :

And this one :