Right scale to play songs

Hi, would like to which Scale is the best scale to play melodies of current songs? Would it be a Major scale?

Hello @Humangelina, this article might help you :

Thanks but I already looked there. I didn’t see it mention which scale is good to play pop/current songs. :blush:

Many popular Songs are in Minor mood and you can play it well with the famous “D Kurd” scale or any other Minor scale. If you Type “Handpan Cover” in YouTube you will See many Covers and most of them with a Minor/Kurd Scale

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That is great news! I just got my Handpan in D Kurd this morning! I am a beginner. Eventually, I would like to play songs. Thanks :pray:!

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My first Pan is a D-minor Celtic (Amara), a beautiful scale, very common and fine to play along with other instruments :heart_eyes: and highly recommendable for starting your Handpan journey :pray:t3: :dove::sun_with_face::notes::musical_note::notes::sun_with_face::dove::pray:t3:


Thank you for your feedback!

It is much appreciated! :heart:


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I would go with D major. The most popular song keys on Spotify are G Major, %11, C Major %10 and D major %9. Only %2.6 of the songs played on Spotify are in D minor but you could use the D Kurd in C Major if you ignore the Bb note.
I would just go with D Major.