Second handpan thoughts

This summer, hopefully will buy my second Tiflis! He’s experimenting on 50cm which I’m very very excited to own one that will actually not fall from my lap and can carry everywhere with ease (small woman here)!
I have a dilemma… should I go for nitrided or steel ? and what handpan scale would be harmonious to play along with my D minor (Kurd)?
I’m the only player in my city, so having two of them I would like to enjoy play with a friend and have fun. Sometimes feels lonely to play alone!


Hi @Yiolanda313

Check this thread out to help in your decision about the material !

Stainless or Nitrured?

I own a D Kurd as well so would be interested in reading some compatible options for a second instrument ! :slight_smile:


I have used a D Major scale next to a D Kurd, which gives a nice opportunity to chance between major and minor, but also to make quite some other combinations of scales. Like the Dorian scale or the Melodic Minor scale. And it also gives the possibility to play C Major or G Major.
This would work for playing on your own, but could also give a nice call response with different atmospheres going back and forth, while still having the same root/Ding

I have ordered an E Asha, that’s an E major scale that combines/completes my D-Kurd. From this you can make more scales and you have a bigger range to play with.
But i have to wait until somewhere august before he is ready.
Curious what scale you will choose :slight_smile:

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It’s been end of July and still I have not choose a scale yet!
I’m hopeless when I need to choose in general.
Many people say F# is good combination with D kurd but when I research I find so many F# options that gives me headaches!
I don’t want complicated things, just want to be able to play with a friend, which I like so so much, and also to expand in different music a little bit.
Has anyone the F# with D minor combination?

I have an amateurish suggestion. I am taking master the hand pan music theory. I think you need to decide if you want some scale to accompany or if you want a scale that adds more range of notes. If you watch videos of hand pan some people play multiple pans because of the limited range of notes on an individual pan. You may want to take that into consideration… Also fun… 2 people play 1 pan together :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::flying_saucer::raised_back_of_hand:

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