Selling C# Celtic Minor DAROMA 'Sam Maher Scale' handpan

Hello everyone,

I am selling my beautiful handpan from DAROMA. It is a Cis minor (C#) D Amara in the so called ‘Sam Maher scale’.

The DAROMA has the following notes:

C# | Ab B C# Eb E F# Ab B

The Handpan is about 2 years old and I have always treated the Handpan with great care and regularly oiled and polished it. It has no damage whatsoever and plays very nicely.

Last summer I had it retuned so that it sounds full and rich again.

The handpan should be picked up, but I could ship it for an additional charge.

I am selling the DAROMA because I ordered another one and I just like the new one better.

The negotiable price is 1.500,- EUR.

The Handpan is sold with certificate, but without bag or other accessories.

It can be played and picked up near Munich, Bavaria.

Stay healthy and looking forward hearing from you.

Cheers, Timo

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