Selling! EonArt Custom F Equinox 10

Selling! EonArt Custom F Equinox 10 €1,100 · Trieste, Italy

Time has come to part with my dear instrument, to raise funds for a new purchase.
This beauty was made for me by Lorenzo Circhirillo about 3 years ago.
Scale (F) Ab C Db Eb F G Ab C Db Eb
I’ve busked and recorded several tracks and albums with it for the whole time, and it will be retuned before the sale by the maker.
It has a bright, open and resonant sound, and an inverted note layout (like for left handed) in order to have most notes in the same position as an integral F with an extra low Ab, which in my opinion makes right handed playing actually more comfortable (I am right handed myself).

You can check out how it sounds here and on many other videos on my YT channel.

I bought it for 1200€, discounted (right price would be around 1300 at the time). I would resell it for 1100€ including the rope rim circle made by Guda and for an extra 50€ also an old Evatek (worn but does its job).
Shipping around Europe for about 80€, in Italy 40€. Not sure about rest of the rest of the worl but it is possible.

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