Selling my Saraz F#m Meditation model

This is a barely used instrument purchased from Saraz in January. It is in perfect condition with an Evatec hard case. Scale F#, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, B, C#. Looks and sounds great. Time for me to devote more time to hand drumming (cajon and Middle Eastern) so something in the collection has to find a new home. Link to a recording of an F#m 9 handpan by Saraz.

Sell for $2,300.00 shipping included to continental US.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing your handpan. It’s got a decent sound in the range that I am looking for.

Cool, the Saraz has a wonderful tone and great projection. Saraz makes world class instruments. You would be very pleased with it. Please email me at to work out specifics such as answering any additional questions, your address, route of payment etc.