Standing or Sitting

Dear Handpan Villagers,

A question that I have.

• How many use your Handpan on your lap mostly?
• How many use your Handpan on a stand?
• How many use the Handpan as part of the drum ensemble (e.g. including another instrument such as a cymbal, drum, other percussion device)?

Your response will be greatly appreciated!!


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Mostly (90%) on my lab…


Hello Marco_RAVcast,

Thank you for your response!
Your stand is super creative.
I imagine that your music produced is super creative!!

Hi Kelvin!

When I play or practice at home I play on my lap. But when I have to play in public I prefer mainly using a stand, that sound better and I think it’s more convenient especialy if I have to switch with another instrument (flute for example).

Hi Fabrice,

Thank you for responding!
I will guess that it is 50/50 for you. It is great that you are out there performing. It sounds more convenient having the stand while switching. It would be great to hear you perform.
Thank you again!!!

Yes of course! Here a video of me playing with a guitarist/vocalist friend at an event (in 2018), there was a dancer too: The Dancing Wall - Musique improvisée (live music) - Fabrice Tonnellier et Yves Mesnil - YouTube

There I’m playing handpan and keyboard, then I just have to turn a bit on my seat to swith the instrument, very convenient. :ok_hand:

Hi Fabrice,
Thank you for the link to your YouTube video. That was some super awesome music you have going on there. I really enjoyed the groove!! It was nice with the combination of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Now I see how you use the stand to maneuver around the handpan. Very effective.
With that said, I would like to share with you a device that I have created for performing on cymbals and drums while playing the handpan. If you are on Instagram please look up kelvin burton_the ludie.
Else if you don’t mind sharing your email address, I can send you a video.

Thanks! I don’t have instagram but you can send me your link (instagram or video link) via direct message here. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this link will work. I’ve never tried before.

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Good! That’s interesting and could be nice for drummers. That’s seems not that easy to play the drums with handpan, the cymbals give a jazzy touch that I like.

I do appreciate the feedback. Gives me something to work with.

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