Summertime (Handpan Cover)

This is a handpan cover of “Summertime”, the famous song from “Porgy and Bess” composed by George Gershwin.
The idea for the underlying rhythm comes from David Kuckhermann, thank you very much for that and so many other musical ideas I learned from him.
Headphones recommended.

My personal „handpandemic“ challenge this year: I want to create and share every month a new handpan cover of one my favorite songs. So far there are the following covers:

Time After Time (January)
Ain’t No Sunshine (Febuary)
Greensleeves (March)
Ich hab ein zärtliches Gefühl (April)
The Windmills Of Your Mind (May)
You Raise Me Up (June)
Summertime (July)


Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!
I hope to find you on Spotify…

Thank you! I left Spotify Last year, but now you can find some handpan videos on my YouTube Channel: