Time After Time (Handpan Cover)

Happy New Year to all of you!

This is a handpan cover from „Time After Time“, made famous by Cindy Lauper, but also in the great version by Miles Davis.

I am occasionally asked why I play handpan covers of pop and jazz pieces. Well, there are two reasons: 1. It’s really fun! I love the original songs and I enjoy thinking about and trying out whether and how a song can be played on a handpan. 2. I have some handpan students and they have often asked me if I can show them nice covers …

Perhaps one or the other will be inspired by this video to play the piece on their own handpan or to develop covers of their own favorite songs. The scale of “Time After Time” in this video is c# minor 8+1, so the piece can be played with all Kurd scales.

Headphones recommended.


So beautiful. I love the bubbles this instrument makes. No other music looks like this.