Tongue Drum and no ding: which method?

Hello everybody!

I have a « beat root multi-scale » since today.
I always dreamed to have my handpan… but it’s not really one!
But no matters, now I have it, I would like to improve my skills for when I will have a « real handpan ».

The beat root didn’t have a ding. And the scale is limited (G, C, D, E, G, B, C, D). And I don’t think I can place the magnets for have a full scale.

Have you advice/ method for learning with this type of instrument? For music sheet?

I’ve professional skills in violin and classical harp. Nothing in percussions :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,

I bought a tongue drum for a friend last year because it was easy to play (he has no musical training). This year I bought myself an actual handpan, and there is a huge difference in skills to pick up.

I’m assuming your tongue drum is not a Rav, because a Rav is still playable by hand. A typical tongue drum is played by mallets and more like a xylophone. I’ve background in the Shakuhachi so moving to percussion is challenging. The difference is the focus is less on melody and more on rhythm patterns. So if your aim is to play the handpan, then the closest is learning about drumming rhythms, and of course the more direct way is to sign up for a handpan course.