Tuning stabiliy of your handpans

Hello everybody

I just found this interesting but a bit older article by Saraz about stability of different type of handpans.

What are your experience with note stability? Mine is very varying: I have / had very stable pans and one that changes about 20 c in less than a year…

So what are your thoughts about it?

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My Handpan (by Zephyr Handpans) is very stable (build 02.2019).

My 3 Rav (2x2018,1x2019) still have the same tuning since the first Day. I played a friends RAV (A Integral) from 2015 and it was perfectly in tune.

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Rav Vasts look extremely pitch stable, mine is always perfectly tuned, even sometimes after 3h outside when it becomes super hot because of the sun rays.

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