Video: new composition

Hello world!
I present to you my last composition “Ritournelle”. If you would like to send me your opinions / criticisms (positive and negative :+1:) so that I can progress. Thank you for your attention! :pray: :kissing_heart:

My instrument is an Angel Handpans, Gamme : C#, Aeolian - Notes : (C#) G# A B C# D# E F# G#


I can see a lot of progress here that’s nice ^^
Small constructive critics : I wish you used more the ding, it could bring that extra bass that would help with the rythm and keep listeners more attentive about your song. And the breaks are a great idea, but it’s generally better when it’s used to create tension and release the tension with a new pattern instead of the one you were playing just before, I personally find it a bit frustrating to build all of this silent tension to start the same melody right after.
Otherwise it’s a great pattern, it’s way more enjoyable than your other songs (at least for me), the melody is pleasant too and your fingering technique is building up ^^
Keep it up!


I’m happy to read it again. Your comment is a pleasure to read.
I told you the other time that something was unlocked thanks to your comment, and it is this composition that followed! Well there are still a lot of things to unlock in my game, lol, but I also feel that my way of playing is changing little by little. I have the impression that it becomes more fluid and more alive.
Not easy to compose and to expose it to all then, it scares, but it makes progress. It touches me that you take the time to listen, to comment and to explain all this to me.
Thank you Snapy :pray:
See you next time!



Wat een mooie stukken zitten in deze melodie! Voor mijn gevoel teveel ( maar wie ben ik!?)
Er komt denk ik meer rust én spanning in als je een thema vaker herhaalt en er 2 of 3 in de compositie stopt.
Ook doet het voor mij afbreuk, als er steeds een break in zit. Kortom prachtige muziek voor meerdere composities maar too much!!! Veel succes en je speelt heel mooi🙋🤗

Keep practicing going from part to part and you dont have weird breaks :wink: Find at least two more variations to make the song more interesting and work on your dynamics. :v:t2:

Hello Curl!
Oups! the DUTCH language. :sweat_smile: I am French, so already I do not master English, so you complicate the task, lol :grin:
Google translate is not very strong either with this language it looks, because its translation does not mean much :flushed:
If you can rephrase your opinion in another language, please. Otherwise i think i have understood your idea more or less,
In any case, thank you for your attention :pray:

Hello Deekurd,
I hear your advice. Thank you for listening and for taking the time to give me your opinion.