Videos: Thank you for listening and your opinions

Hello world!
I’m French, sorry for my English…lol
I’ve been learning Handpan for a few months with David’s classes. I’m starting to get into my own compositions. It’s a start…
I’d like to hear your opinions and criticisms.
Thank you for listening! :kissing_heart:

My instrument is an Angel Handpans, Gamme : C#, Aeolian - Notes : (C#) G# A B C# D# E F# G#

1- “Shooting star”

2- “Rising Sun”


That was beautiful! The second one is my favorite. I am in love with this instrument although I haven’t purchased one yet. I wonder what brand material yours is made from? The scale of yours is my favorite of all of them that I’ve heard. I live in Houston, Texas, USA and I can’t seem to locate anyone in my area that plays this instrument much less sells them. So I haven’t been able to actually touch one but my hands seem ready to find an instrument. So each weekend I spend my Saturday online. Your music brightened my morning! Thank you.


Hi, forgive my mistakes in English, i use google translate, :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for your comment. It touched and moved me, it encourages me to continue publishing. My Handpan is simply in nitrided steel, it’s an Angel Handpans Scale: C, Aeolian. - Notes: (C#)-G#-A-B-C#-D#-E-F#-G#.

Here is the facebook page of my handpanmaker Phil. I know he sends them all over the world:

NB: I just added a new video :grinning:

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Thank you for your quick reply. You did great with Google English.

The fact that your music resonated with me now makes absolute beautiful sense as the aeolian scale is my very favorite. We must have a quite similar taste in preference.

After weeks of research and exploring and learning all about this instrument, the manufacturers, scales and options, I took the plunge and ordered my instrument yesterday! Like yours, mine is aeolian in nitrided steel. I just can’t wait to get it. I’m so excited.

I thank you for offering me the name of your maker. I chose to order from someone in the US as it felt like a better fit for me. Additional shipping cost alone would definitely add to the already expensive investment in the instrument.

I hope that I can learn to play as well as you! Last night before I fell asleep, I lay in bed, playing using Handpan app on my phone.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and it’s so nice to meet a friend with similar tastes! My name is Shreda and I live in Houston Texas.

Nice to meet you!
Have a beautiful Sunday,

Hi Shreda!
I am delighted to meet you too and to share with you.

I understand so well how you feel. I experienced the same thing a year ago when I discovered the Handpan with the famous video “New York” by Sam Maher, it was love at first sight for me.
And shortly after, when I chose the scale for my Handpan, I finally stayed on the range of my love at first sight. The aeolian scale makes me vibrate, travel, fly away more than the others.
After, 5 months of impatience followed, lol. Then D-day arrived, I could touch it, hear its first vibrations, what happiness! (I didn’t know how to play it at all).
It’s been 6 months now that I learn little by little thanks to the great lessons of David Charrier (whom I thank very much).
That is why, I am happy for you that you have been able to find a handpanmaker that suits you and that you have launched! What a great adventure! What waiting time did he tell you?

Thank you very much for your compliments which go straight to my heart. It encourages me to continue.
Were you able to listen to my composition “Enjoy”?

I wish you a beautiful evening or rather not a beautiful end of the day, lol (jet lag …)
See you next time!

Wow! Im so happy that watch and hear this scale! Thank you to share! Im wait a handpan with the same scale, should be ready in one month! I like see as this scale summon a deep sensation in another people, this excites me a lot, while i think of my future handpan.
Thank u, cheers!

(English below)
Je pense que tu devrais t’entraîner à plus alterner tes mains et jouer tes ghost notes, ça donnera beaucoup plus de rythme et à force tu vas t’améliorer à jouer beaucoup plus rapidement. Mais c’est déjà très cool pour un début ^^

I think you should train a bit more about alternating your hands and playing ghost notes, it will allow you to improve drastically your fast playing. But that’s already very nice as a beginning ^^

Byyye and keep it up !


Thank you very much KiritoSan999 for your listening and your comment :pray:
I still have a lot of progress to make, but I put a lot of heart into my compositions and I am already happy to be able to arouse emotion in people with my little level. This scale Aeolian allows it easily I find.
Soon D-Day for you ! :crazy_face: :+1: :clap:

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Hello Snapyou2!
(English below)

Je te remercie pour ton commentaire constructif.
Je ne sais pas si tu as pu écouter la dernière? “Enjoy”, elle me semble déjà peut être un peu plus élaborée? En fait, à chaque nouvelle compo, j utilise des nouveaux outils que j’apprends dans le cour intermédiaire de David. La, je travaille sur une compo ou j’utilise le paraddidle.

Et tu as tout à fait raison, et c est là ou je bloque! Je maitrise les ghost notes dans les exercices de David, mais a ce jour, je n’arrive pas à les intégrer dans mes propres compositions.
Quelqu’un a un conseil???
En général, je pars d’une mélodie qui me vient toute seule (puis je complète ensuite la compo, avec un outil des cours). Mais dans la mélodie qui sort de ma tête, il n y a pas de ghost note, lol, et je n’arrive pas à les intégrer ensuite…

Thank you for your constructive comment.
I don’t know if you could listen to the last one? “Enjoy”, does it already seem to me a little more elaborate? In fact, with each new composition, I use new tools that I learn in David’s intermediate court. Here, I work on a composition or I use the paraddidle.

And you’re absolutely right, and that’s where I’m blocking! I master ghost notes in David’s exercises, but to date, I can’t integrate them into my own compositions.
Anyone have any advice ???
In general, I start from a melody which comes to me all by myself (then I complete the composition, with a course tool). But in the melody that comes out of my head, there is no ghost note, lol, and I can not integrate them then …

Uhm généralement je joue en tout premier mes ghosts notes, ensuite je décide ce que j’en fais (Ding, petite tape, grosse tape, note, ou rien) et finalement je trouve un pattern que je répète. Je construis toute ma musique à partir des ghost notes en fait, c’est vraiment la base qui vient du tempo sur lesquelles viennnent se greffer les autres éléments. Je sais pas si tu as vu dans mon sujet datant de hier comment je compose mais selon les parties je pense que tu pourras bien entendre les ghost notes (faut y faire attention après parce que justement on ne les entend pas ^^). Mais ça permet de garder un rythme alternant très stable et du coup d’augmenter aussi la vitesse et donc finalement le nombre de notes et de complexité dans un pattern.

I generally start every song by just playing ghost notes and I build everything replacing ghost notes by percussive or melodic actions, which finally creates the whole pattern. It feels better when it comes to play faster which let you add more elements in your pattern and thus bring complexity.

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