Wall piece for a Rav?

Hi everyone :raised_hands:t4:

I just got my Rav Vast and I was wondering how and where to store it when not in use…
I got inspired by the other diy and would like to make a wall stand/hang - but can it handle being stored on its side (I don’t wanna ruin my new beautiful instrument :sweat_smile:)

Thank you :pray:t4:

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Hello, this photo of a recycled stool is where my pan rest’s safely most of the time,
Cheers, Benni


Thank you for sharing @Benni this is really a nice idea!:hugs:
Do you know if a Rav can handle being stored on its side? Because lack of floor space so it would be perfect if it could be “hanged” on the wall.

hang on wall , Love that concept !
I hang guitars on walls in my studio with special wooden hook frame.
If you are good woodworker with required tools or pay someone good at woodworking,
two heavy duty long arms that you can fasten into a sturdy wall with anchors would do the job. I will post photo of guitar hanger when possible concept later today

Yeah and definitely doesn’t take up that much space on a wall.
Looking forward to see the guitar hangers.

Hi, if there were two with longer arms, should work.
I have used these for years, no guitar has fallen … yet. :smile:


That looks really nice @Benni! Thanks for sharing!

Hi there! My Hausband made a wall bracket (?) for my RAV drum. I will add a photo soon.
Greetings - Hollie


Fantastic work of hand & mind, most excellent as it keeps it out of the way and hands of others … Brilliant Concept


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Wauw @Hollie that is great! Thank you so much for sharing :pray:t4:

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I am currently working on a wall mount unit. I had one large grape vine branch, and some old rough cut fir laying around. Not finished yet, I still have about 10 pours of resin to go. But it is coming along.