Wanting to learn to play the handpan

I am really interested in purchasing & learning to play the handpan, i have never played a musical instrument before, Bit i would really like to learn. Where is the best place to start, I have been looking on youtube & through websites for ideas & tips. I would like a handpan to learn on but also one that i will be able to use for a while & not grow out of. I enjoy listening to the relaxing tunes played on the videos i have watched & tunes i have listened to previously. Any hints & tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @MossyLancs and welcome in the Handpan Village :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of resources to get you started on your journey.

If you want to buy a handpan, you can browse this handpan marketplace:

When you will have your handpan, the best place to start learning and playing is this course, dedicated for beginners:

Finally if you want to have an in-depth review to buy a handpan you can read this article:

I hope all these resources will help you

Take care