WavePan - New Digital Handpan Controller - Beta Testing ... startet

WavePan Beta Testing - All Instruments - One Scale

Today the different Instruments upon the PanDrum Software which are controlled by the WavePan are tested.

The Video is recorded by an iPad4-Mini with the internal Sound-System. No editing. iPad4-Mini placed 50cm away from the WavePan.

Speaker Loudness is on 80%.

Volume in Steinberg-Player is set to 8dB.

Maximum is 12dB.

A Roko active Speaker is used plugged into the Headset-Connection.

Each available Instrument and 2 Additionals are brought to one MIDI-Channel.

Setup Description …

  • HP Notebook, Win10 latest Edition

  • Roko Mini-Speaker (Active)

  • USB-Hub (Powered)

  • WavePan Controller

  • Steinberg Halion SE Software (Player)

  • PanDrum VST Library installed

  • Glockenspiel VST Library installed

There are 2 Buttons on the Bottom-Shell …

  • Left Button = MIDI-Channel DOWN

  • Right Button = MIDI-Channel UP

Very helpful to switch fast to another Setup.

Testing was done with one Scale per Instrument …

  • 8 Handpan Presets where used

  • 2 non-Handpan Instruments are included

It is possible to define your „Custom Scale“.

  • Notes of a Scale can be choosen between C3 … B4.

Pictures and Screenshots …

  • Test Layout - View

  • Test Layout - Scale - Celtic Minor

  • Test Layout - Pattern by David Kuckhermann

  • Test Layout - Notebook plus Equipment

  • Test Layout - Instruments

References …

Youtube - WavePan

Youtube - PanDrum - Cinematic Instruments

Cheers … Stefan.

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