We're opening the "Meet-ups" Category 🎉

The COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted. That means that we can now open up the “Meet-ups” category of our forum once again! :partying_face:

This is where, when and how you can get together with other handpan lovers :

  • Festivals: When and where to find gatherings of steel
  • Local Events & Global gigs: Check out the handpan happenings. Feel free to post your Watch Party or live stream!
  • Meet-ups & jams
  • Workshops: Opportunities to improve your skills with handpan pros
  • Couchsurfing: Have a place to sleep / want to stay with other players on your travels? Post your offers & requests here.
  • Travel buddies: The journey is always more fun with other handpan fans! Post your offers & requests here.

:warning: Please ALWAYS be wise and keep safe! Don’t share your personal info until you’re sure, check out social media pages, ask other Villagers, let friends/family know where you are going, meet in a public place and use common sense at all times.

If in doubt, walk away. For more info, see Village Rules and Guidelines.

Photo credit: Vincent Guilbaud

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