What are your best handpan CDs?

What’s inside your spotify? what are you currently listening to? I am always looking for some good handpan music. Thanks


@David your albums always stay at the top of my rotation! I’m also listening to Dan Malqueen, Adam Malouf & Kabecao a lot lately.


I love Gioli & Assia. and Yatao music.

Gioli & Assia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkb_zdbHMBw&list=PLm8x9o3TDKqCwhWRpVNLBn5K99z_pPSc-&index=2

Yatao: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fydhD1l_uXw&list=PLm8x9o3TDKqCwhWRpVNLBn5K99z_pPSc-&index=1


Kabeção - Touching Souls
Is definitely one of my favs. Love to smoke a ton of weed and listen to this album with a great pair of headphones.

Also love the group called:
More Than Physics
They have two albums out and are working on a third. It’s two guys, one playing handpan and one on the tablas drums. They harmonize soooo well together!

Yatao is another fav duo of artists.
Dragon Tree is one of my fav songs


Hey mates,
My all stars albums are:

  • Jeremy Nattagh “Life Equinox” . Some sweety symphonic style.
  • Kabeçao “Touching Souls”. Smells like freedom spirit.
  • David Kuckermann “The Path Of The Metal Turtle” . Technical perfection
  • David Charrier and Sylvain Paslier " Keona". Freshness and pioneers
  • Dan Mulqueen "Handwriting ". Skills

The 2 big monsters of poetry

  • Daniel Waples “Hang In Balance” the classic !!!
  • Davide Swarup “Music For Hang” the roots of hang music

Listen and enjoy !!!


take your time, get confortable and listen to it in one go :brown_heart:


Jacob Cole’s double album ‘hope’ , got it last month, it is incredible! I also ordered Yatao’s ‘drops to oceans’ and love listening to that as I work.
Of course anything by Sam Maher and Kabecao are instant favorites. I also enjoy Rav players Nadishana and I like the YouTube Channel by RewildYourSoul.


Wadhom: Hang + Didgeridoo

Wadhom is composed of a didgeridoo player and two percussionists who are also brilliant hang players. Born from an unexpected meeting, the band intends to merge the oldest instrument of all time known as the didgeridoo (traditional instrument played by the australian aboriginals) and the most recent one known as the hang drum, invented in Switzerland at the beginning of our century. In addition to this, comes the flying waves of the violin and the tribal swing of a dancer. A specific energy and a unique emotion come out of this melting. Enjoy the listening, have a nice trip!

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Besides the already mentioned artists, I really love the following two

Archer & Tripp:

Handpan Mystic Flow:


All of the above and https://nadayana.bandcamp.com/album/nine
Mixing handpan and Tibetan gong


LaWaj “spread the joy” and “Urban” from Kate Stone are my favorites :slight_smile:

On my Spotify I often listen to:
Daniel Waples
Dan Mulqueen
Rainer Scheurenbrand
Manu Delago
Osamu Morita

Just want to share mine, from Colombia
Fluido Cósmico


Great! I/m listening to it!

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I LOVE the

  • CDs of :heart:KUMEA SOUND :heart: very, VERY MUCH,
  • further TOUCHING SOUL by Carlos :fire::heart_eyes::fire:,
  • music by Mike Dürigen (Caisa Man)
  • VERMILLONBLEU, Mike Dürigen with Isabelle Dosne (Harp)
  • DROPS TO ICEANS by Yatao

Lunaria by Rewildyoursoul <3
He is also coming out with a new Rav/mandolin album very soon (:

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I recently got a new CD, “Future Rust Vol. 1”, various artist like Nadishana, Archer&Tripp, Kabeção, Dan Mulqueen, Adrian J Portia & many more, wonderful :pray:t3::heartbeat::musical_note::notes::musical_note::sun_with_face::pray:t3:

Laura Inserra is an awesome hang player and multi instrumentalist. Her album Hang: A collection of works is wonderful.

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I like the album Danse Poussière by Colas (RAV Vast, handpan and didgeridoo):

Thank you so much for sharing! Love your work!